UVAPI is a Java library to be used by other Java libraries/applications, and thus the easiest way to install UVAPI is by including it as a dependency in your Maven project's project object model (POM) file. The way to do this is a simple two step process:

1. Add the Hyper9 Maven Repository to your Maven settings file or to your project's POM file.

    <name>Hyper9 Maven Repository</name>

2. List UVAPI as a dependency in your project's POM file.


And that's all there is to installing UVAPI. Now you can use UVAPI just as you would any other Java package.

Next Steps

Before you dive into UVAPI you should really become comfortable with its object model. If you are feeling brave, however, you are more than welcome to jump right into creating your first connection to a hypervisor using UVAPI.